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501 - Fallout

Humans on both Earth and Mars try to make sense of cataclysmic events that have occurred in Planum Australe.

502 - Schism

Crews split apart and take different directions, which could have tragic consequences. 

503 - Intercept

Rachel makes a last ditch effort to salvage an Earth-to-Mars mission, while Sam and Paul work on a plan that could change everything.

504 - Pilot

As work resumes and Earth’s refugees get closer to launching for Mars, concerns and debates arise over the new comet-intercept mission.

505 - Exodus

Sam fights fate, while Commander Jiao Li leads the refugees’ attempt to launch from Earth to Mars.

506 - Volunteer

Grave complications arise in Colony One over the upcoming intercept mission, and Mars receives news about the refugees’ launch attempt.

507 - Simulations

The Mars-bound refugees struggle against the clock to train for the most difficult operation of their lives: landing on Mars.

508 - Orbit

Friends old and new reunite in Martian orbit, while Captain Paul Kirsch prepares to lead a one-way mission to intercept the Mars-bound comet.

509 - Dispatch

Crews on Mars and in orbit launch supply drop operations, and prepare for the most challenging operations of their lives.


The remainders of the human race attempt three simultaneous landings on the surface of Mars.

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