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401 - Nüwa

The crew onboard the moon base Guang Han Gong-1 witness events on Earth that will change the course of history.

402 - Wormwood

The inhabitants of Colony One assess recent revelations and try to carve a path forward.

403 - Homecoming

After launching from Mars and enduring several months in transit, MECTI-1 astronauts Rachel Yoshida and Fedor Morozev return to Earth.

404 - Refugees

Rachel and Fedor find survivors on post-GRB Earth.

405 - Gambit

The people of Earth begin plans for an exodus, while the crew of Colony One prepares settlements on Mars.

406 - Takeoff

Work on the detailed plan for starting a Martian civilization commences.

407 - Mirage

Commander Jiao Li struggles to find remnants of life on Earth as work is underway for an exodus to Mars.

408 - Fermi

Rachel, Jiao and the refugees on Earth weigh the possibility of extinction as they prepare to leave Earth forever.

409 - Horizon

Colony One prepares to welcome the refugees from Earth as the thermonuclear extraction team begins operations.

410 - Australe

The thermonuclear extraction operation begins in the south pole of Mars.

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