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201: Lifeboat

Reeling from Sam’s news as well as increased seismic activity on the surface of Mars, the crew of MECTI-1 finds itself with limited options.

202: diagnosis

As evacuation procedures are underway, new problems arise that complicate both the mission and the lives of the MECTI-1 crew.

203: Fissures

Walter, Paul and Hiroku embark on a long-distance EVA to detonate the North Pole Thermo-Nuke Array, while tensions flare between Commander Sam Flynn and his second-in-command, Andrew Wood.

204: Crevasse

MECTI-1 tries to regroup and plan their next step following the EVA incident.

205: Walter

As members of MECTI-1 prepare to make a secret EVA to their Emergency Return Vehicle, crew member Walter Langston marches blindly across the Martian void in search of shelter.

206: Viscosity

Crew members will be tested as events are set in motion that will produce dire consequences.

207: Landslide

Revelations surface and emotions run high as Mars lies on the brink of eruption.

208: Extirpation

The crew of MECTI-1 fights for survival as Olympus Mons unleashes its wrath.

209: Aftershocks

The crew finds themselves scattered, confused and lost in the aftermath of the eruption.

210: Decimated

Morale reaches its lowest point as the remaining crew weigh whatever options for survival they have left.

211: Vitality

Sam and Neda race for the Emergency Return Vehicle to stop Fedor and Rachel, as the rest of the crew question the purpose of survival.

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