Bill Parmentier Headshot

Bill Parmentier as Sam Flynn

MECTI-1 Commander

    Bill lives in University City, MO with his wife, son, and two dogs. He works around the St. Louis area as a screen actor, voice artist, and video producer. Over a 12 year career, Bill has worked on over 300 productions. In his spare time, Bill likes to garden, cook, drink quality beer and whiskey, and enjoy and preserve the natural world with his family and friends. He spends many of his days playing with his young son and moonlights as a household handyman and at-home film and TV critic. To see Bill in action, check out his YouTube Channel.

Zak Farmer Headshot

Zachary Allen Farmer as Tim Conrad

MECTI-2 Commander

    Zachary Allen Farmer is a graduate from AMDA, who has worked professionally with The NY Metropolitan Opera, The Black Rep, Kid Detective Productions, Theatre Lab, Players Project Theatre Company, and SIUE’s SummerShowbiz. Locally, he is most known for his work with New Line Theatre, performing in Bukowsical, Rent, Love Kills, Night of the Living Dead, Assassins, Return to the Forbidden Planet, High Fidelity, Two Gentlemen of Verona, Hair, Evita, and The Reindeer Monologues, to name a few. He is a River Front Times Award Winner – Best Actor in a Musical-2009 (Love Kills), a St. Louis Theatre Circle Award Nominee – Best Lead Actor in a Musical-2014 (Bukowsical), and Theatre Lab’s Award winner for Best One Act Play-2013.

Paul Goetz Headshot

Paul Goetz as Paul Kirsch

MECTI-1 Pilot

    Paul is an actor generally associated with comedic projects which is why he has relished the chance to broaden his horizons by being a part of the hard gripping, gut wrenching drama that is Transmissions From Colony One. He is currently studying improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles, CA.

Marcy Wiegert Headshot

Marcy Wiegert as Kaia Osen / Elina Torres

MECTI-1 Communications Specialist / MECTI-1 Loadmaster

    Marcy graduated from Saint Louis University in 2010 with a BA in Theatre. She loves to perform and sing on stage. Some of her favorite (and, not to mention, always loud) theatre roles include Kelli (Hands on a Hardbody), Barbra (Night of the Living Dead, The Musical), Pepper Walker (Cry-Baby), Sweet Lady Booze (Bukowsical), Lucy Van Pelt (You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown), Hildy (Slasher), Crissy/Marcy (HAIR), Reno Sweeney (Anything Goes), and Audrey (Little Shop of Horrors). When she’s not on stage she likes to sew and dress up actors in costumes, working with companies such as HotCity, The Touhill PAC, Insight Theatre, St. Louis Shakespeare Festival, the Repertory Theatre St. Louis, Opera Theatre of St. Louis, New Line Theatre, and Theatre Lab.

Brian Voelkerding Headshot

Brian Voelkerding as Walter Langston

MECTI-1 Stability, Positioning and Entry Systems Specialist

    Would-be professional actor with an apparent aversion to professional headshots, Brian’s primary career as a film/video editor does have one thing going for it: headshots optional. “I’d love to make hundreds of dollars a pop photographing actors against the same stone wall, but I have real work to do,” Brian normally says while looking for real work to do. Truth be told, more than a decade of acting and editorial work and training amongst film projects big and small on the west coast and non-coast.

Sarah Porter Headshot

Sarah Porter as Abby Murdoch/Beth Anders

MECTI-2 Pilot/MECTI-1 Co-Pilot

    Sarah Porter is a graduate from Lindenwood Universitys BFA Acting program. This is her first foray into voice work and she can be caught around St.Louis costuming and acting for whoever will hire her. She prefers rock musicals and her cat Mootus, and you can follow her on twitter @classydoxy where she promises to occasionally be funny and not post too many pictures of the aforementioned beast.

Ed Selvey IV Headshot

Ed Selvey IV as Connor Nye

MECTI-2 Co-Pilot

    Edward Selvey IV is a graduate of The Second City’s Conservatory and Music Conservatory programs, and performed in SC House Ensembles Twisty, Moxie, Next, and Infinite Sundaes. He was also a recipient of their 2015 Bob Curry Fellowship, and will be performing in The Second City’s Urban Twist this fall. He is currently a house ensemble member of VAMP: A Musical Drinking Show at MCL Chicago, as well as an ensemble member of the Improvised Sondheim Project. He has also done numerous commercials and voice over work.

Jaysen Cryer Headshot

Jaysen Cryer as Pete Ross

MECTI-1 Instrumentation Specialist

    Jaysen is an English-born actor currently living in St. Louis, where he has performed on stage and in many short films.  He was recently nominated for a St. Louis Theater Circle Award, for Stupefy! The 90 Minute Harry Potter, which he adapted.  Currently he is working on short films with his comedy sketch group “The Exacerbaters”. You learn more about Jaysen at his website,

Becca Flinn Headshot

Becca Flinn as Chloe Hooke

MECTI-2 Surgeon

    Becca is a voiceover artist, writer, and producer living in Los Angeles. She is originally from Sioux Falls, SD where she got her start in local community theatre and commercials. She earned her BFA in Theater from the Webster Conservatory of Theatre in St. Louis, MO. Becca co-founded Xia Ri Min Productions and creates web content with her producing partner at

Jason Klefisch Headshot

Jason Klefisch as Luc Hachette

MECTI-2 Instrumentation Specialist

    Jason Klefisch is both honored and ecstatic to join the crew of Colony One. Mr. Klefisch has just recently started working as an actor in Saint Louis. Most recently having starred in Theatre Lab’s Production of The Pillowman. Jason would like to thank the show’s creator, John Richter for allowing him the opportunity to play Luc, as well as thank his family and friends for their continuous support.

Shawn Kohne Headshot

Shawn Kohne as Orlando de Luca

MECTI-1 Electrical Systems Specialist

    Shawn currently resides in Los Angeles working as a freelance editor. Please hire him. Check out his YouTube Channel. You can also follow him on his Twitter page: @TheUniBaller.

Ryan Doris Headshot

Ryan Doris as Vasily Koskov

MECTI-2 Communications Specialist

    Ryan Doris is a writer, director and sometimes actor. In Transmissions From Colony One he uses an accent but he bets you wouldn’t* have known that if we didn’t tell you (*would’ve). Ryan also works professionally as a Director of Photography/cameraman for many television shows like “Listed Sisters,” “Time Traveling with Brian Unger,” and “Alaska’s Ultimate Bush Pilots.” Also, since this is John Richter’s passion project you should go check out Ryan’s at

Bryan Fornachon Headshot

Bryan Michael Fornachon as David Stern

MECTI-2 Navigations Specialist

    Bryan is a German born, American actor. He graduated from Lincoln Technical College for Diesel Engineering, and when that turned out to be horrible, he started writing, directing and acting in short films and live sketch comedy as often as he could. He has been a practicing improviser for eight years and performing for five. This was his first shot at dramatic voice acting and he can’t wait to sink his teeth in even further.

Kasey Anderson Headshot

Kasey Anderson as Jennifer Simmons

MECTI-1 Meteorology/Climatology Specialist

    Kasey’s three favorite things are dogs, napping, and snacks. Space exploration is pretty cool too!
Kasey, an advocate of adopting/fostering dogs, would like to promote Stray Rescue of Saint Louis.

Jessica Spaid Headshot

Jessica Spaid as Nicole Snow

MECTI-2 Entry Systems Specialist

    Jessica is a graduate from Webster University in St. Louis, MO. She has had the pleasure of studying improv and sketch comedy at Second City, and will be performing there again this summer with her troupe The Citizens of Townsville. She has also been lucky enough to work with some of Chicago theatre’s greatest, including Adam Belcuore(The Goodman), Joanie Schulz(Victory Gardens) and Amy J. Carle(Steppenwolf). This is officially her first role as a voiceover artist and she is super excited about it. She currently lives in Chicago with her boyfriend and a very lazy cat.

Deanna Beaton Headshot

Deanna Beaton as Neda Morozev

MECTI-1 Engine Systems Specialist

    Deanna Beaton is currently living the good life in Chicago and studying everything under the sun at The Second City. Some of her hobbies include writing, playing volleyball, comedy, smashing the patriarchy, reading, and eating all the things Chicago has to offer.

Maggie Conroy Headshot

Maggie Conroy as Lisa Conrad

MECTI-2 Electrical Systems Specialist

    Maggie Conroy is a St. Louis actress who earner her BA in Performance/Dance from SIUE in 2010. She has worked with Upstream Theatre, HotCity, Onsite Theater, and St. Louis Shakespeare, as well as performing the in the 2013 New York International Fringe Festival. She is currently co-producing director for the new company YOUNG LIARS, who will be launching fall 2015. .

Andrew Torgerson Headshot

Andrew Torgerson as James Wilson

MECTI-2 Human Factors Specialist

    Andrew works as an emergency room technician in St. Louis, MO. He recently received a Master’s degree in Public Health from Washington University. Occasionally, John Richter asks him to say space things into a microphone. He wonders if adding “voice actor” to his résumé will make him seem more interesting. He enjoys books and booze. He is standing right behind you.

Dan Fulton Headshot

Dan Patrick Fulton as Hiroku Yoshida

MECTI-1 Crew Surgeon

    Dan is a writer, musician and actor.  His previous voice work includes Murder on Skull Drive and The Space Adventures Of Chet Cosmos.You can learn more about his current pursuits at Follow him on Twitter @dpfulton and on his Facebook Page.

Dustin Weiskopf Headshot

Dustin Weiskopf as Fedor Morozev

MECTI-1 Human Factors Specialist

    Dustin has very little acting experience and hopes any Russians among you will forgive his impersonation of your dialect. He’s much better at making animations and websites, like this very one you are visiting.

James Faupel Headshot

James Faupel as Andrew Wood

MECTI-1 Flight Engineer

    James is a huge fan of space exploration in science fact and science fiction. He is a certified horticulturist and arborist by trade and used to work in commercial construction. He has dabbled in the entertainment trade in acting and set design/construction in short films. This is his first foray into voice acting.

Chrissy Young Headshot

Chrissy Young as Tina Flynn

MECTI-1 Botanist

    Chrissy is a St. Louis actor/singer and holds a BA in acting from Columbia College Chicago. She has enjoyed working with several theatre companies throughout St. Louis. Her most recent appearances include Bukowsical, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, High Fidelity, and Cry-Baby with New Line Theatre.

Clare Burke Headshot

Clare Burke as Rachel Yoshida

MECTI-1 Navigations Specialist

    Clare is a social work student at the University of Missouri—Saint Louis and a part-time barista at Starbucks.  She is an avid toy collector and loves watching cartoons and playing video games. She dreams of one day becoming a voice over artist and being a part of cartoons and video games that she enjoys so much.

Paige Eckstein Headshot

Paige Eckstein as Jacqueline “Jackie” Wood

MECTI-1 Robotics Specialist

    Paige is currently studying behavioral neuroscience at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. She also tends bar in downtown St. Louis. In her spare time she is an avid reader, obsessive gamer, and amateur knitter. Her dog is pretty awesome and probably has a better beard than you.

Robert Ashton Headshot

Robert Ashton as Roland Ross

Chief Administrator, MECTI

    Robert is a director and actor, primarily in theater but has had a number of roles in film and voice work. He most recently film work is in Casualties of the State and Beethopia. His next stage role is as Sir Toby Belch in St. Louis Shakespeare’s production of Twelfth Night, opening October 2, 2015.

Michael Arnette Headshot

Michael Arnette as Bruce Farley

Astronomical Adviser, MECTI

    Michael Arnette is a human from the planet Earth. He sometimes moonlights as a Lycanthrope. This is his first role.

Kristina Cirone Headshot

Kristina Cirone as Debra Palmer

Terraformation Administrator, MECTI

    Hailing from Las Vegas, Kristina is a graduate of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Performance. Kristina made her NYC debut as a stage manager for HotCity Theatre’s Whammy! The Seven Secrets to a Sane Self for the New York International Fringe Festival. Recent backstage credits include: Upstream’s Windmill Baby and Bashir Lazhar, STL Fringe Festival 2014, Union Avenue Opera’s Siegfried, HotCity’s The Normal Heart, and Reality, and New Line Theater’s The Threepenny Opera. And if you liked hearing her voice work in this awesome production, make sure to check her out in the R-S Theatrics New Play Workshop August 2nd!

Janaye Williams Headshot

Janaye Williams as Ann Oliver

Assistant Astronomical Adviser, MECTI

    Janaye Williams is 2011 graduate of Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri. In her spare time, when she isn’t reading or writing, you can find her on her yoga mat.

Kevin Crawford Headshot

Kevin Crawford as Richard A. Thorpe

President of the United States of America

    Originally from Atlanta and raised in St. Louis, Kevin Crawford is an actor and voice over artist who began his career in the theater and has since appeared in independent films as well as national commercials for STIHL, Explore Branson, RCN, Scottrade and others. He recently wrapped the short film Until The Heart Stops where he plays an attorney in way over his head and will begin shooting the indie thriller Abattage Angels later this year. Check out Kevin’s Acting Reel.

Jessica Leitch Headshot

Jessica Leitch as Beth Anders

MECTI-1 Co-Pilot

    Jessica is a rambunctious midwesterner with a passion for styling, list making and baking a great pie. Keeping her plate full, Jessica works in events and marketing by day and writes feverishly for her blog, City in a Jar, by night.

John Richter Headshot

John W. Richter as Cap-Comm

Space Station Hercules

    John W. Richter is a filmmaker in Saint Louis, MO. Working primarily as a film/video editor, he also has his sights on more writing, directing and producing. Obsessed with both science and history, John always looks to frame his stories around either/or, because in his eyes, truth is always stranger than fiction. Check out John’s video work at his Vimeo page.

Emory Stagmer Headshot

Emory Stagmer as Charles Swanson

Administrator of NASA

    A computer enthusiast and programmer since the earliest days of microcomputers, Emory Stagmer started writing programs on a Commodore PET. Studying Computer Science, Christian Education, Music, and Telecommunications at Oral Roberts University represents a bit of the diversity Emory brought to NASA’s LCROSS for which he was the Lead Flight Software Engineer.. Now a 35 year veteran computer programmer, Emory has worked on spacecraft for the last 17 years, having previously worked on EO-1, WMAP, and EOS-Aura among others. Emory also runs a recording studio, UnTied Music, and plays a wide range of music from medieval to modern progressive rock to leading music in church on Sunday mornings. Emory is married and has three children, and you can follow him on Twitter @VAXHeadroom, and elsewhere on the ‘net.

Tae Lardinois Headshot

Tae Lardinois as Dr. Lindsey White

Professor of Astrophysics at MIT

    Monique-Jontae (better known as Taé) is a fun-loving Leo who likes whiskey picnics, and is a direct descendant of Charlemagne. She feels she needs no introduction but would like to leave you with this: “A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? Space. Well, more cold, really. And lonely. And dark. And infinite…hello?” – Welcome to Night Vale.