Season One Episodes

101: Landing

The crew of MECTI-1, led by Commander Sam Flynn, attempts the first manned landnig on Mars.

102: HOME

The crew works to decipher a mysterious transmission from Earth as they conduct their first EVA.

103: EVA

Commander Sam Flynn, Pilot Paul Kirsch and Co-Pilot Beth Anders attempt to complete the first extra-vehicular activity mission on the surface of Mars.

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Gaia's LamentJohn Richter
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Season One OuttakesCast, Transmissions From Colony One
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MECTI-1 Failure Disaster Speech
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MMLHV - Wasp Concept Art
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MECTI-1 Landing Sequence A
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MECTI-1 Landing Sequence B
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Maia Rocket Concept Art
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Cmdr. Sam Flynn's final letter home
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