John W. Richter
Writer/Producer/Director/Sound Mixing/Sound Editing/Music Composer

Special Thanks

Dustin Weiskopf
Michael Gosiewski
Jeanne Romanoskie
Mike Romanoskie
Ken Calcaterra
Dan Gartner
Zak White
Dustin Miles
Ericka Meaghan Kilgore
Chuck Crittenden
Taylor Ellison
Adam Huber
Dan Allen
Jay Hollinger
St. Louis Regional Arts Commission
Norman K. Probstein Community Golf Course
Dr. Steve Lingard
Matt Darley
Thomas Gangale
Bert Ulrich
John Underwood
Ben Goldberg
Dan Fulton

Sound Effects Provided by:


Transmissions From Colony One is a work of fiction. All resemblences to persons, living or dead, is purely coincedental.

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